Why choose lighting by pecaso?

Because we have mastered the art of chandelier craftsmanship

The Pecaso Wenhang Group (PWG) began our partnership in 2012. Pecaso and Wenhang each have over 30 years of lighting design and manufacturing experience. The combined groups together create a strong lighting team that brings to market a wide range of quality products at great values.

 We approach every crystal piece as the only piece we design. It is this dedication to the fine art of chandelier making that separates us from other companies
Our Lights have to be our ambassadors to the world, so each must be a labor of love. Each chandelier must be built from the ground up, with only the finest materials we can provide. Opting for styles that follow traditional function but with a dramatic flair.

Highly experienced third-generation craftsmen devote themselves to fulfilling the dream of each customer, whether it is a single piece or multiple pieces. Our in-house procedures include stringent quality control, as well as technical modifications to guarantee uniformity of workmanship. At the same time, we adhere to a tight working schedule so that each order will be completed in a timely manner.

When one beholds a PWG chandelier, the obvious beauty and elegance are apparent, but it’s the commitment of our hard-working men and women, who create these breathtaking masterpieces, that truly tells the PWG story of…… A FINER CRYSTAL CHANDELIER COMPANY 

Master Craftsmanship

High Quality Crystals

Value in our Lighting

Great Warranty

Outstanding Customer Service

Fast Shipping


It’s no secret that the most important components of any crystal chandeliers and other crystal lighting products are their crystals. Whether you purchase a fixture dressed with crystals produced by Swarovski® in Austria, or with our very own Heirloom™ crystals produced by our meticulous crystal craftsmen in Cairo, rest assured, you and your guests will be amazed and bedazzled. Our luxurious crystal chandeliers, ceiling pendants, flush mounts, wall sconces, and vanity fixtures add a sense of splendor and grandeur to any setting worthy of containing such stunning and truly jaw-dropping beauty.


We would love to live in a world lighted by the full spectrum of colors offered elegantly by our crystal lighting products, and to accomplish this goal, we offer most of our products with the world renown Swarovski® Elements® and Spectra® crystals, and additionally, with our Heirloom™ Handcut™ and Grandcut™ crystals for anyone looking for an affordable alternative designed to be adored and impress even your most fastidious guests. To bring our dream, and hopefully yours as well, to fruition, we have made available our most knowledgeable crystal lighting consultants to aid you in selecting a crystal fixture that will meet and exceed your expectations.